Tuesday, 31 July 2007

"shirini-e keshmeshi"

I haven't yet found out a good recipe, the ones I made today became soft! plus that, I'm not sure I will find the recipe for the version that I like so much. These cookies have two kinds and the most delicious one doesn't look like what I made!

I took the recipe from this weblog: http://nonkhameyi.blogfa.com/post-20.aspx

One can also find another recipe with a huge difference in ingredients and time of cooking here: http://banoo.net/index.php?topic=1329.0;prev_next=prev

so, I guess I have to try again with some changes but for now this is what I did:

butter: 220 gr

sugar (small crystals): 200 gr

eggs: 2

vanilla: a little

raisins: 75 gr

flour: 150 gr

mix butter and sugar well, add eggs and mix a little with hand or spoon, add vanilla and raisins and mix, add flour little by little and mix it carefully. The recipe emphasizes that you should mix them just as little as needed (except for while mixing butter and sugar) and do not let the mix stay out long, just put it on the tray (better to have the tray covered with cooking paper) and then in the oven. I use a spoon to take portions and spread it like small circles on the tray. They will grow so it's better to have some space between them. I let it be in 200 degrees for 10 mins, but perhaps that wasn't the perfect timing cause they aren't hard enough :)

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Leyli said...

Hi there! I think you have to use oil instead of butter!